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Primo Chalk

Primo Chalk Sockball


This Primo Chalk Sockball is perfect for applying chalk onto your hands from a bucket or bag. Using the Sockball with 1lb (450g) Loose Primo Chalk Bag or Bucket, it makes it easier to apply chalk without mess and reduces the need to apply a lot of chalk for the same result.


  • 1 Primo Chalk Ball
  • 1 Primo Chalk Sock for easy storage and mess reduction
  • Reduces and softens calluses like nothing else
  • Made in the USA from natural organic oils
  • Conditions your skin after use
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Long lasting
  • Smells great



  1. Wash and fully dry your hands before you use Primo Chalk. This will wash off any excess oils and sweat before using a pinch of chalk. Seriously, this is important.
  2. All you need is a pinch of Primo Chalk. Just get a little bit and work it into your hands. Less is more!
  3. Close the chalk bag/bucket when it’s not being used. Primo Chalk will absorb moisture from the air over time if it’s left out. Closing the chalk’s bag/bucket will ensure it lasts longer.
  4. Wash your hands after your workout and Primo Chalk will condition and heal your skin.
  5. Use this Sockball to easily get the perfect amount every time.