Perfect Fitness

Perfect Fitness Weight Vest - 20lbs


The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest allows you to add intensity and resistance to your workout with a fully adjustable 20 lb (9kg) weight vest. The design is inspired by military body armour and provides a slim, comfortable fit. Flat, flexible weights move with your body and vest is adjustable in 1 lb (450g) increments from 1 to 20 lb (450g to 9kg). Double belly band ensures secure fit and is ideal for explosive movement training like plyometrics.

Features extra-durable Honeycomb Terylene shell and padded shoulders to provide extra comfort. Vest is road-ready with high-visibility reflective material for low light conditions and contour pocket for phone.


  • 20 individual weights (1 lb / 450g each)
  • Honeycomb Terylene vest shell
  • Downloadable circuit training workout
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