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PTP Yoga Loop - Large


The PTP Yoga 8Loop, taking its name from its interesting shape, is a simple, yet very useful yoga prop to take your yoga practice to the next level and improve your technique all at the same time.

The PTP Yoga 8Loop allows you to move slowly into poses, feel your own body’s restrictions and stay well in control for a safe yoga practice. By closing the gap in challenging hand/foot binds, the Yoga 8Loop provides the necessary assistance and support to leverage your Asanas. Use it to warm-up, ease into poses, improve your shoulder alignment or feet positioning and master your yoga technique.


  • Made from special slightly stretchy woven material to allow extension
  • Large size created specially for individuals with broad shoulders or limited flexibility
  • Comes with a user-friendly poster with yoga poses and stretches for all yoga levels
  • Lightweight and compact – fits easily into any bag
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