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Versa Gripps PRO Series Silver
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Versa Gripps® PRO Series - Silver

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Versa Gripps® PRO Series in Silver builds on the technology of the PRO Series and takes things to the Next Level. Engineered with the NEW Patented, U-SHAPED ARCH SUPPORT that prevents stress & injury while lifting.

The Revolutionary Technology allows the weight bar to Bridge-Over the carpal tunnel area for the Ultimate Protection. Each Seam is Double-Sewn with white nonabrasive thread for Ultimate Strength.

Versa Gripps are the only product in the world that can replace gloves, lifting straps and wrist supports. They can be worn during your whole workout for any pulling and pushing exercises. You simply put your hand into the wrist support and use the high density flap accordingly.

Designed for serious lifters with average-sized hands that train with heavy weights.

For pulling exercises like deadlifts, simply wrap the flap under the bar and back over the top and into your hand. Similarly like you would with a conventional strap but you only need to hook around once.

For pushing exercises like the bench press, simply let the flap sit flat on your palm and push the weight. The flap covers the exact areas where cuts and callouses usually form.

Versa Gripps Pulling Motion


  • 1.5-inch (3.8cm) wrist strap designed to fit average-sized hands
  • New built-in arch support offers carpal tunnel protection
  • Secure One Hand Grip and Release
  • Innovative Wrist Support ergonomically designed to rest at the base of the hand
  • Protects the hand and wrist with unrestricted circulation while eliminating calluses
  • Unique "No-Slip" custom engineered material exclusive to Power Gripps USA
  • Wide wrist strap with high density foam and adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Hypo-allergenic, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-microbial