Squat, Sweat, and Score!

Our rewards program is your new gym bestie.


Free to Join. Super-Easy to Earn.

Earn points easily and spend them whenever, and however, you wish. Find out how below.

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The Benefits?

Very simple. Earn points by making a purchase and spend them on order discounts, free shipping or gift cards.

$1 = 1 Point

Get your shopping fix and rack up those loyalty reward points! $1 spent = 1 point in your pocket!

Order Discounts

Save your hard-earned cash on every order you make. Pick when and how you spend your savings.

Shipping Discounts

Dodge shipping fees. Stash your points for sweet discounts or free shipping.

Gift Cards

Had a great time shopping with us? Spread the joy and earn rewards for both you and your mate!

👩‍💻 How to Earn?
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🤑 What to Redeem?
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❤️ Refer a Friend
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Ready, Set, Grow!

With a rewards program that lets you save on every order, why not join and save on your very first order!

Let the Gains Begin!