PTP Massage Therapy Foam Roller - Firm


Repetitive movements and dehydration often result in muscle pain and motion restriction. The PTP Therapy Foam Roller has been designed to effectively relax muscle tension within the body and provide a convenient self-massage solution. The 3D high-density EVA cones act to trigger point the “belly” (thickest part) of the muscles, making the stretch reflex respond more effectively. The pressure applied to the muscles, together with the rolling action along the muscles fibres, will increase circulation, release myofascia and promote healthy strong muscles.


  • Made from high-density EVA that retains its shape post-compression
  • Ideal for a deep tissue massage that increases circulation, release myofascia and maximise recovery
  • Trigger point action thanks to special multi-cone and hollow cylinder design
  • Helps to break up scar tissue and fascia adhesions causing tightness and motion restrictions
  • Firm density for maximum sensation / individuals that have already started a massage therapy program
  • Over 30 exercises designed by Movement Therapist
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