PTP Massage Therapy Foam Roller - Lime - Soft


The PTP Massage Therapy Foam Roller in Lime/Soft targets trigger points to relieve muscle tension and recover faster with the PTP Therapy Foam Roller. By softening and lengthening the fascia, the Therapy Roller breaks up scar tissue and adhesions between the skin, muscles and bones. This results in relaxing tight or overactive muscles and relieving pain.

Made from high-density EVA, the pointy tips allow to easily access trigger points, almost anywhere in the body. The strong hollow cylinder has been engineered to resist repetitive use and provide a deep tissue massage. This soft version of the PTP Massage Therapy Foam Roller is best suited to individuals starting their massage therapy program or with a moderate pain threshold.


  • Helps increases blood circulation, release myofascia and maximise recovery
  • Special multi-cone surface to effectively address trigger points
  • Strong inner core engineered for deep tissue massage and maximum durability
  • For use almost anywhere in the body: shoulders, back, glutes, TFLs, hamstrings, quadriceps, etc
  • Soft density for a moderate level of compression
  • Over 30 exercises carefully designed by a Movement Therapist
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