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PTP Track Ball - Firm

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The PTP Track Ball is a convenient self-massaging tool to relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness in the back and neck. The unique ergonomic design features a recessed mid-section that helps avoid direct contact with the spinal bones, so as to access muscles and fascia, whilst minimising any impact on skeletal alignment. For chronic back and neck sufferers, the PTP Track Ball can represent a great solution to reduce recurring pain outside physiotherapy sessions.

To use it, simply lie down on the floor with the Track Ball placed horizontally on your spine and move up and down. This will help you eliminate any fascia restrictions and activate blood flow to promote healing. If you find it more convenient or comfortable, alternatively, you can press your back against a wall, lowering your hips and bending your knees to roll out your muscles.

Though specifically designed for use on the muscles surrounding the spine, you can also use your Track Ball to massage your feet, Achilles, calves, hip flexors, adductors, hamstrings or shoulders. With a firm density, this particular Track Ball provides a strong tissue massage and will suit people that have already started a recovery program.


  • For back & neck SMR (Self-Myofascial Release) and rehab
  • Can also be used on other parts of the body
  • Unique ergonomic design that contours the spine anatomy and avoid direct contact with bones
  • Improves range of motion of spinal joints and reduces chance of recurring back & neck pain
  • Firm density material for a deep tissue massage
  • Latex and rubber free
  • Over 40 exercises included