RockTape Rockband Flex Resistance Band - Heavy 105cm - 55kg - Red
RockTape Rockband Flex Resistance Band - Light - Medium - Heavy

RockTape Rockband Flex Resistance Band - Heavy 105cm - 55kg - Red

GST included.

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The RockTape RockBand Flex (Heavy/Red) is an infintiely-resuable resistance band that can help you get stronger, recover from injury and increase flexibility.


  • Improve your flexibility with Rockband flex's uniquely positioned loops that allow you to progressively increase your range of motion, stretch muscles and distract joints
  • Don't let post-injury rehab be a chore. With Rockband flex, a world of exercises to retrain movement patterns and build strength are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Rockband flex is made of a machine washable cotton/nylon blend so there is no snapping or tearing. Rockband flex is your all-in-one rehabilitation, stretch and mobility solution
  • Includes a detailed instruction booklet for various workouts and exercises