TRX STRONG Suspension System


This TRX STRONG Suspension System is the ultimate training ecosystem to advance your fitness journey to build strength, power and mobility. Use your bodyweight to build muscle, strengthen your core, burn fat, increase your flexibility and improve endurance.


  • Carabiner: safety tested to hold more than 700 pounds
  • Equaliser loop: self levelling straps that allow for quick transition
  • Locking loop: Safety – keeps user from falling if grip is lost on one handle
  • Adjuster pull tabs: for easy up/down adjustments
  • Adjustments: light weight buckle for easy adjustment
  • Handle: foam grips for superior comfort and increased door protection
  • Foot cradle: neoprene cradles designed for a range of shoe sizes



  • 1 x TRX STRONG suspension trainer
  • 1 x Suspension anchor
  • 1 x TRX door anchor
  • 1 x Mesh carry bag
  • 8 x workout downloads
  • 1 x Workout poster
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